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Number Type

This is the French Polynesia Number Type page list. You can click the title to browse the detail information.
  • A: Value Added Services
  • B: Shared Cost Services
  • C: Calling Card
  • D: Corporate Numbers
  • F: Freephone, Toll-free
  • G: Geographic landline and fixed service
  • I: Internet Access, Online and dialup services
  • L: Local Rate Service
  • M: Mobile Telephony
  • N: National Number
  • O: Directory Assistance, Operator Services
  • P: Personal Number Service, Universal Access Number
  • Q: Mass Calling
  • R: Routing Number
  • S: Premium Rate Services
  • T: Telematic / Machine to Machine Communications
  • U: Universal Personal Telecommunications
  • V: VoIP, IP Telephony
  • X: Exception, the number block is technically not active but residual, functioning telephone numbers from the block may still exist. The block is contaminated as a side effect of number portability. United States only.
  • Z: Virtual Private Network